Saturday, July 13, 2013


India’s share of world tourist traffic has remained static at 0.38 per cent.  One of the first principles included in the basic document “National Tourism Policy, 2002” issued by the Department of Tourism had underlined the need to formulate a legislative framework to regulate tourism trade and industry.

Tourism is to be viewed as a major engine of economic growth by optimum harnessing of tourism potential. Resources and expertise of the private sector would need to be utilized by the tourism industry to achieve process of development as well as conservation.

A pragmatic resume would safeguard conservation, preservation and integrated development of areas around protected monuments to accelerate cultural tourism. Protection and removal of encroachments from the west cost of India is the need of the hour to develop sustainable beach and costal tourism. In a similar wake, creation of special tourism police force for development at major tourist destinations will provide requisite security to the travelers.

The aim of this seminar is to facilitate a serious discussion amongst the various state holders to visit and define the contours of a broad legal regime stake needed not only to regulate but promote tourism in India to its full potential.